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Join our Facebook group and network with other members to gain more insights on building you fan page from scratch. Get access to me as your mentor and ask an unlimited number of questions and get answers.

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Are you ready to master how to drive MASSIVE ORGANIC TRAFFIC ON FACEBOOK?
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What's Inside Fan Page Pros?
Lesson #1: Introduction
- Overview of the entire training in the course including methods and strategies 
- Outline the changes to the Facebook algorithm and how to SURVIVE the declining reach on Facebook
- Discuss the ways to ADAPT to new changes and TAP into the billions of users on Facebook  

Lesson #2: Why Build A Facebook Fan Page?
- Identify and target your niche market on Facebook  
- Why ESTABLISHING your online presence on the BIGGEST social media platform is important
- How a fan base is crucial in building brand LOYALTY in any business ventures

Lesson #3: Proper Page Setup
- How to OPTIMIZE each section of your fan page
- Step-by-step guide on how to setup up your fan page correctly with DETAILED EXAMPLES
- How to BOOST DISCOVERABILITY of your page to your audience 

Lesson #4: Curating Viral Content
- How to EFFECTIVELY research your niche and curate quality content 
- How to find PROVEN VIRAL content to increase organic reach
- Review different content strategies to MAXIMIZE your reach

Lesson #5: Creating Your Own Content
- How to produce your own original content efficiently 
- Over-the-shoulder training on how to utilize different tools to create your own content 
- How to LEVERAGE video content to boost your organic reach 

Lesson #6: Posting Content
- How to fully utilize the tools and features provided by Facebook to build a POWERFUL fan page
- Review the best practices on how to post content without violating Facebook's policies
- Unveil the best strategies to posting content that increases EXPOSURE 

Lesson #7: Targeting The Right Audience
- Best ways to ensure that you content is seen by your niche market especially when building a brand new page FROM SCRATCH
- How to use news feed targeting to put your content in front of the RIGHT audience
- Why defining your target market is crucial to building a SUSTAINABLE fan base 

Lesson #8: Scheduling Your Content
- How to schedule your posts to AUTOMATE the content on your page 
- Reveal the BEST time of the day to post your content to MAXIMIZE your reach
- My EXACT method on how to increase the VISIBILITY of your posts

Lesson #9: Evergreen Content
- Best ways to recycle and re-purpose all your best performing posts to boost your reach
- How to find EVERGREEN content that can drive massive engagements OVER and OVER 
- Why evergreen content is the best long-term strategy to get CONSISTENT engagements

Lesson #10: Post Formula to Drive Engagement
- Access to the exact HEADLINES that will increase likes, comments and shares 
- Master my "3T Method" to EXPLODE organic traffic on Facebook
- Examples of posts that are effective in getting engagement 

Lesson #11: Power of Facebook Groups
- Uncover the HIDDEN traffic sources on Facebook to drive TARGETED fans to your page
- How to NURTURE a passionate following for your brand 
- Increase your customer retention through Facebook groups 

Lesson #12: Cross Promotion
- How to utilize INFLUENCERS to promote your fan page
- Best ways to FUNNEL traffic from other social media platforms to your Facebook fan page 

Lesson #13: Ranking on Google (SEO Training)
- How to fully OPTIMIZE your page to increase organic traffic  
- Best METHODS to rank your fan page in Google's search engine using backlinks and Web 2.0
- Gain added VISIBILITY to your fan page through SEO

Lesson #14: Things To Avoid / Best Practices
- Explore more strategies on how to engage your fans 
- How to properly monitor and manage your page on a daily basis
- Best practices on how to get your content noticed

Lesson #15: Analyzing Post Data
- How to MONITOR and MEASURE the growth of your page
- Properly EVALUATE your page's insights data 
- Track important Facebook data metrics to understand your POST PERFORMANCE

Lesson #16: Outsourcing
- Complete guide on how to fully AUTOMATE your Facebook fan page(s)
- How to OUTSOURCE tedious work to other members of your team
- SWIPE our exact virtual assistant daily tasks sheet 

Lesson #17: Page Likes Ad Training **Added Bonus**
- How to run a SUCCESSFUL page like ads on Facebook
- Step-by-step guide on how to create a page like campaign 
- Best methods for running page like engagement advertisement  

Lesson #18: Facebook Messenger Bots
- Over-the-shoulder training on how to properly setup a Facebook Messenger bot for your Facebook fan page
- Why setting up a Facebook Messenger Bot can help drive SALES and LEADS to your business
- Reveal my #1 recommended service provider 

Lesson #19: Bonus 
- Real examples of viral posts that received MILLIONS of organic reach  
- Discuss different post ideas that you can curate or produce yourself 
- Explore more tips and tricks to boost your reach  

Lesson #20: Recap
- Complete SUMMARY of the entire training 
- Discuss why most people FAIL with building their fan pages organically 
- Overview of the steps and processes that you can follow to build a successful page
1. What is the Fan Page Pros?
This training program is a complete step-by-step walk-through on how to build a passionate fan base through organic traffic. This course includes hours and hours of training videos to show to how to build a page from scratch. This program allows you to login anytime and anywhere to watch the training in the comfort of your own home.

2. I have no experience. Can someone like me do this?
Absolutely! Building your presence on the biggest social media platform is crucial to the success and growth of any business. Whether you run an e-commerce store or own a real estate agency, all businesses needs an established fan page. Little to no technical experience is needed to open or run your own fan page. This training will walk you through how to research, curate and manage your page. 

3. Will this training work for the niche or business that I am in?
Fan Page Pros will work for any business owners looking to build their own brand and generate traffic online. This training will include but not limited to:
-SMMA (social media marketing agency)
-Affiliate marketing
-Digital marketing
-Personal branding or Influencer marketing
-Private label
-Brick and mortar stores

4. Will this course teach about paid advertisement on Facebook?
This course will focus strictly on how to build your fan pages organically. There will be a small portion that will show you how to effectively run page likes ad. If you are interested in learning about Facebook ads, please contact us at to be redirected to our Facebook ads training course. 

5. I want to sell my products and services using organic traffic on Facebook. Is this the right course for me?
The main focus of this training is to show you how to build a Facebook fan page and increase post engagement using organic traffic. As with any social media platforms, organic traffic is slow and requires a lot of time. However, this training will show you how to get free and unpaid traffic on Facebook to view your content. We will also show you how to build a following and funnel the traffic back to your products/services. Please note: Paid traffic is recommended for scaling the sale of any products or services. If you are interested in learning about Facebook ads, please contact us at to be redirected to our Facebook ads training course. 

6. What if I get stuck or have a question in the program?
No problem at all! Join our Facebook group (Ecom Dominators) and we will make sure to answer all your questions (basic or advanced). Our goal is make your journey as smooth as possible. This is all-inclusive mentoring program that allows you to get answers to any questions. 
7. How much does the Fan Page Pros cost?
This program currently cost a one-time payment of $297 and includes all the bonus trainings for free! Including done for you templates. 
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